About PJ

Ancient form of the Chinese character "乐" (hanyu pinyin pronunciation: Lè). It means either "Music" or "Joy".

Ancient form of the Chinese character "乐" (hanyu pinyin pronunciation: Lè). It means either "Music" or "Joy".

When I was preparing for my wedding, my then fiance and I wanted one that represented our common love for music. Although both of us are not full time professional musicians, we have been actively involved in musically related pursuits, whether it’s singing in musicals, performing in a cappella group, or accompanying ballet classes during our free time. Featuring music as a theme for our wedding celebration seems very natural and meaningful.

Given this aim,I began to conduct a research on music themed weddings on the Internet. Of course music is essential to all weddings, but what I am looking for are weddings that creatively use things related to music (e.g., symbols, musical symbols, music styles, and musical icons).   To my surprise, this was not really a popular theme; sources related to this theme are not abundant and scattered throughout the net. During the search, I thought it will be great if there is one blog that consolidates and updates on how the music theme is treated throughout the world.  With that idea, “Le Prelude de Joie” (The Prelude of Joy; PJ) was born.

While music themed ideas for weddings will form the bulk of the entries here, I also include other event types like birthdays or dinner and dances that also feature music as their theme.  Hopefully the ideas from these other event types will provide brides-to-be with more ideas on how to fuse the music theme into their weddings.

Hope you enjoy this blog filled with music themed ideas that help bring joy to your big day! 🙂


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